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Hannora Hair Care

Hair Growth Oil

Hair Growth Oil

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Our hair growth oil is like none other. With faith and consistent use, you will see results within 3-14 days. Our oil contains 26 naturally pressed essential oils and herbs causing

*Increase of blood flow and circulation in the scalp

*Penetration of hair follicles to promote hair growth

*Increased thickness of hair

*Increased length of hair

*Healthier, stronger, hydrated hair

*Reduction of dandruff and/or dry scalp

*Reduction of inflammation of scalp

*Reduction of eczema and scalp psoriasis

*Reduction of headaches and migraines

Our oil is natural and very potent. Therefore, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND a patch test be performed 24 hours prior to use. A patch test means to apply the oil to a small area in the back of the scalp 24 hours before use to check for signs of irritation or allergic reaction to the oil. If irritation occurs DO NOT CONTINUE using. Gift the oil to a friend. ❤️

1. Part hair into small sections and apply directly to your entire scalp. You can apply while wearing any protective style. Side Note: If wearing a blowout, refrain from using the oil in order to maintain the flow of the hair. Too much oil can cause the blowout to become heavy and oily looking.

2. Massage scalp after application for about 3 minutes. You can even hold your head in a downward position while massaging to increase blood flow to the scalp. Blood circulation and oxygen give life to your hair follicles.

3. Use the oil as often as you’d like. For fastest results, massage the oil in the scalp daily and leave the oil in.

Take before pictures and measure your hair every 7 days to accurately monitor your progress.

This oil is for every race, nationality, and gender ages 2+.

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